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Land Transport

Distribution, Haulage, Last Mile Delivery (B2C)


We cater all your needs for :

  • Domestic Distributions for Raw & Finished Product.
  • Distribution to end customers (B2C)
  • Dynamic Load Planning and Routing
  • Optimization Of Transport Cost with Consolidated Shipments
  • Reverse logistics
  • Real-time tracking with GPS
  • Cross Border Logistics (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)

Sinotrans land transport products and services cover an extensive network. Get the reach you need to stay ahead of the competition with our range of quality land transport solutions.

Whether you need road transport, our land shipping solutions will get your shipments wherever they need to be, punctually and reliably.

Our freight shipping products have ensured the success of ground shipments. With a track-record for quality and timely transportation, your products will be in safe hands.

Land Transport Contacts: